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Age (minor nice to have)

 Add the calculated current age of the artist in Artist view
(as wikipedia is doing it).

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solved in latest built


@Mathias, 13.2 beta shows this information for me with the above dates:

If you still get some differing output, please open up a support ticket for this case.

don't know which version is which but still in Beta 2:
Born: 13.03.1944
Died: 02.07.2017
Age: 74 years


Thanks for reporting. This is corrected in our next build. The issue only relates to calculation of age when an artist is no longer alive.

Freddie Mercury - Born: 1949.09.05, Died: 1991.11.24, Aged: 71 Years

Well, he died at the age of 45...

Implemented in 13.2 beta 1

For dead artists use the age on death.

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