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Genre /Stil Field Edit Artist

The groups and artists can also be assigned to genres

There exists the possibility to create a genre / stil  field in the "Edit Artist information" window 

Can you please explain this a little more in detail? 

We are not sure about which specific feature that you are requesting.

The Artist and Groups have a main genre / style.

I would like that in the window (see picture).

It should then also be possible to filter over it

Eg all artists with the genre blues

Should that genre/style be fully manually set or calculated form the tracks for the artist?

If it is not calculated I think it can be a bit weird, assume that:

1) You have set an artist with genre "Blues"

2) Tracks you add from the users are tagged with "pop".

3) You then filter on "Artists with genre = blues"

Here the artist will show up, but the artist will not contain any actual tracks with blues.

Unless other users thinks this is nice feature to have, I do not think it is logical feature to implement.

With the calculation from the tracks is good .. You can also find faulty genres and then change


I think it will be found in the calculation then all the genres to an artist

I think this is a nice little feature. Seeing this information in the header of the artist details page would be really nice. The genres should be calculated from tracks and then ordered by count - most used genre first, least used genre last.

One way to go would be to count genres after tagging operations - then store the result in a new table "artist_x_genre":

* Artist_x_Genre_PK

* Artist_ID

* Genre_ID

* TrackCount

Pro: quick access when reading data, maybe useful in other situations?!

Contra: slow when editing tags

The other way is to simply calculate the data on the fly when needed.

Pro: no impact when editing tags, easy to implement

Contra: slow when reading data

I think this can be calculated on the fly using the cache without any performance penalties, thus it will have no impact on database operations not requiring a new table.

To be tested further.

(Relates to displaying genres on the artist detail page)

A first version where all genres (clickable) will be displayed on artist details will be included in our next release.

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