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Search / Filter Edit Artist Window Fields

Is it possible to search and filter via the fields in the window "Edit Artis information"

Some of these fields can be filtered on from the artist view. Is there any specific information that you would like to search or filter on that is currently unavailable?

Hello Fredrik

Filter artist or group isĀ 

Filter The Birthdays / Death YEAR

Filter group foundation / separation

Filter land

About which fields from the Pictuer I can search / filter so far

The next release will come with support for "Country" and "Artist and Group, Artist, Group" quick filters.

The other ones might be added as advanced filters for a future release.

Is it possible to integrate these filters with Advanced search and Smart Playlists?

Yes, artist/group should already be included (fieldname = IsArtist) and Country will be added in our next release.

Formed and Disbanded will also be included in the Advanced search for the next release.

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