Helium 13.5 beta and Streamer 3.3.6 beta now available!

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"Order a playlist using tonality keys and related algorithms to create harmonic mixed playlists"
Can you tell me please how I can do that? This sounds very interesting.

Alex, this function is available from the Playlists view. Right-click a playlist and select "Generate harmonic mix".

Please note that the tracks in the playlist needs to have Initial Keys set (can be generated with Helium or Mixed-in-key for example) and BPM.

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Thank you, I right clicked everywhere.. except for this one.


the feature to change tempo is a very good improvement.

But it would be better, when i can choose the tempo not only in the context menü. So i can't see, that the tempo is changed. It would be nice, to have the possibility, to change tempo on the main interface of the player. Perhaps a button for + and - and the current value.


Thanks for the suggestion Stefan, we have some plans to expose this control to be easier to access in a future release.

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