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Multiple lines within a single row in track listings

At some point we got a new feature that shows multiple lines within a single row in track listings - at least for genres:


1) I think this is nice, but it should be limited to a maximum of two lines, because the more lines appear, the fewer tracks are shown...

2) When a genre don't fit as a whole, it will be moved to the next line, even when there's a space in the genre. It would be great if the genre would be split at the space. (In the screenshot it could be: Ballad, Classical, Easy [linefeed] Listening...)

3) Add this feature for the other fields.

Thank you.

A setting for this is included in our most recent hotfix

OK, then I like to request an option to select between single line (as in earlier versions) and multiple lines (as is yet).

At the moment this is done automatically by the component that renders the grid, so most likely the solution would be:

-An option to force single line only

-An option to support multiple lines (as it is now)

It's not possible to customize it freely in any way.

Yes, of course it will.

But I have set up column widths to get most of the information I want at first sight and to get all other needed information on one click on the horizontal scrollbar.

And to get a maximum of two lines I would need to almost triple the width of this column...

If it would be easier, just give me an option to get back to the old one-line-style.

While thinking about this: another way to go, would be to separate genre and styles in the columns. (Maybe even in the database & tags?!)

Will expanding of the column width (genre in this case) reduce the number of lines ?

Hopefully this won't be deferred for too long, because seeing only four tracks out of 37 is.....well.....mad.


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