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The ability to import and export Artist info

I utilize Helium heavily to find errors and inconsistencies in my collection. 

and  what I have discovered is that all the massive changes I make over time tends to corrupt my MySQL database.

Even though I back it up frequently (That is to say I export it)

But, there are times (like this past Friday) where I am unable to restore it and I end up having to re-import my whole collection into a new database.

So the feature I would like to see is some way to store the artist information independently.

Perhaps something like how Album Artists have a folder for the images and Albums have a folder for images.

Perhaps a folder for Artist Info with individual files that can be edited with Notepad.

And then can be imported either one by one or en masse.

Thank you for your time.

This does more sound like a workaround in my opinion, althought it can still be useful for quicker external editing (not sure how it should work though).

When you write, "where I am unable to restore it", is that via restoring of a Helium backup or through an external tool?

I think this is more important to locate and fix, if you have some additional reproduction details for this issue, please open a support ticket at:

I agree, It definitely is a workaround.  I'll open a ticket.  I have already created a new database and started importing my music again little by little.


The new Database it Helium-13 the one I am having issues with is helium12

Issue resolved, temporarily MySQL issue on end-user machine.

Hi Mikael,

I know that biographies are stored HTML-formatted, but is the complete HTML-format available?

For example, could I add frames or pictures? Are internal or external links supported?

If so, I think importing / exporting biographies would be nice to create / update them using a stand-alone HTML-editor...


They are stored as real HTML but they stylesheets and so are applied by the editor, thus all features from HTML is not available.

External links are already supported in the editor today.

I think you misunderstood me - I wasn't asking if the internal editor supports all HTML features, but if the "viewer" used in the artist details view supports them.

Using an external HTML editor I could create "more advanced" biographies, that I could import to Helium (if this feature would be added) - but that would only be worthwhile when the features can be rendered in Helium...

Ah, I see.

>> but if the "viewer" used in the artist details view supports them.

No it does not since the viewer is not an embedded webbrowser, it is a rich-text editor. (kind-of)

OK, in this case I wouldn't need any Im-/Export functionality.

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