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Years View - show also non album tracks

Well, maybe you could argue that this is just related to my tagging behavior but anyway:

I only tag tracks with album tag if I have the complete album and not only single tracks. Otherwise, in my opinion, the db suggests that there is a full album.

So in a lot of cases I just have the single tracks, album tag empty.

Unfortunately I have some very old tracks (192x) without the full album (and never will get it).

So to make a long story short: These tracks do not show up in "Years View", since (I assume) it is based on albums.

Would be nice if that view would also take into account single tracks without album tag (but with release year tag).

Does this apply to the Tracks tab of the Year view or the Albums tab?

If they do not belong to an album they should be shown as tracks, which I think they should.

But it is to hard to answer without knowing how you have tagged your files.

release year is tagged, recording year is not.


We have tested this as described (some tags might differ) and it seems to work as designed.

I would suggest you to open a support ticket for this, attach a small sample database (SQLite) illustrating the problem.

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