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struggling with sorting tracks upon current track

Hi Forum

I'm a beginner with the current helium 13, for years I was using the previous version(s).

I don't get a setting, that all tracks in (any) tracklist are sorted by Current Track property. There is no problem to set the sorting of column Current Track in the listview of tracks. But for one thing; I dont get a real understanding of the View-Options and on  the other hand I don't understand, why the last setting of a list don't appears next time I open the list...

Do I missunderstand a concept, or is there a bug? I played around with View Options, but without an recognition of a system...

Another thing i'm not amused about the version 13 is, if I directly want to play a album with the "playbutton" on the album(-picture) the tracks always are queued not sorted by CurrentTrack number. Thats really unconfortable anyway... but specially for me as an audiobook listeneder... :-(

Best Answer

This fixed and some other corrections and minor improvements are now available in our most recent official version.

Thanks to Erwin for helping us tracking down this one!

@Patrik: Not what we are aware of. Do you have some case that does not work with the most recent build?

It so, please open a new ticket under "Bug reports" ( and be sure to include a reproduction.

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