Helium 14 beta out now!

Unfortunately, this beta does not even start under Win 10 Insider  Build 18342.

It shows the splash screen for 1…3 seconds and then it closes without any error message.



@Maik: Please re-download and reinstall the beta. After installation make sure you have build 16040 installed.

An update was released late yesterday which addressed some startup issues related to the new language handling.

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Thanks for the fast response and new version. Now it seems to work.

I will test it more.



Can I test this version with mysql database?

@harry: Yes you can, but please note that as mentioned in the post, the database will be upgraded and no longer compatible with Helium 13.

So take a backup before you start working with it.

Yes I have copyied the database,but when I try to activate then I get these message


Harry, you can use your Helium 13 license information to register this beta of Helium 14.

Please try that.

thank you that's works

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