Helium 14 beta 4 now available

Click the link below to read about this new release:


Sorry if this is a wrong place to ask - I am very new to Helium. I like the Beta 14 very much. However, I cannot find how to toggle the alphabet in the artists view? In ver 13 it was there on the right side of the screen right after the installation. But v 14 does not have it. This makes navigation by Artist difficult.

Hello, you can enable that feature from Tools > Options > Visual > Show letter navigation bar.

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Thanks for a quick answer. Very much appreciated.

How can I set Helium as a default music application in Windows 10? Currently, it is not listed as available option in settings.

Helium does currently not "Hook" any specific file extensions in the operating system, therefore it cannot be selected as a default application.

We might add this to a future release.

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