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I have a little problem with tags

 Hi :)

I have a little problem with tags.To sort albums I select the year first


but the worry is that Helium takes into account the release year


When I tag an album it's recording year that is displayed in the tag. To tag I use tag&rename or Metatogger.

How to make the date in the box release year ?



Sorry for my bad English.

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Helium always shows release year for albums.

When tagging with Helium release year is the default editable property available in the album pane of the Tag editor for example.

If you use other applications for tagging you will need to analyse if they support the release type tag (note: applies to ID3v2 version also) and tag that field.

Another way around this might be to create an action in Helium top copy the recording year field into release year, althought it might not give the prefered result. (If release year differs from recording year)

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