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Album Cover in the Player on the bottom is not cleared for songs without album cover

Version 14.0.16119.0

Steps for Reproduction

  • Start some song with album cover > Album cover is shown in the player on the bottom (correct :-)
  • Start another song, for example by double click in the list, without an album cover
  • !!! Previous Album Cover stays in the Player

When I stop the song without the album cover, the player clears the image with dummy image.

Expected Bevaviour

When a song without album cover is stating playing, then the image in the player is cleared.

We are not able to reprduce this issue. Tested the following way:

1) Using a SQLite database with two releases. One of the releases has a picture, the other hasn't

2) Playing a track from the release with picture -> picture shown in the player

3) From the Play Queue, double-click a track from release B to replay it

Result: The picture in the player is cleared as expected.

Can you please list the exact steps needed to reproduce this possible issue?

Thanks in advance.

In the last time I had some problems with corrupted image cache folder. Up to now I still don't know why the cache was corrupted.

With the cleared and rebuilded cache folder the problem can't be reproduced.

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