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After changing of Album Picture, the previous picture is displayed / The new one is displayed only in "Now Playing"

Version 14.0.16119.0

My Settings

See attached screenshot of my settings.

Performed Steps

All the steps were reproduced in new created database and one file without album picture in trags. In the file directory were no cover pictures, so the album get no cover at adding.

After adding of the file to the library I have created two cover images for testing.

After changing of the picture of album only "Now Playing" view is using new picture. Another places are using the picture (dummy) of adding time. It looks like not all locations of the album picture are updated at changing of picture.

All my steps you can see in the attached PDF file. I hope this is OK, because I had some problems with handling the images and text in this topic.


Switching between MySQL databases (test and production) solved the problem.

Can it be, that the cache is not updated correctly at changing of picture? And switching between databases provokes fresh rebuild of the cache?

Another interesting information:

After reproducing of the problem in the second test database I have switched to the production-database with all my song files.

During playing of the songs I have seen the "cover_1.jpg" test image in the player panel, that I had used in the test-database. In the "Now Playing" panel the correct picture of the album was displayed.

Is the cache cleared when switching between the databases? Or is the cache reused?

At the moment I have cleared the cache folder: AppData\Roaming\Imploded Software\Helium 14\cache

It looks like something was broken in the cache folder. Clearing of the folder helped me.

AppData\Roaming\Imploded Software\Helium 14\cache

Cause of the problem is unknown. Maybe switching between databases? Maybe something else.

We have tried to reproduce this as described, unfortunately with no luck.

Possibly related to the other picture issue you reported?

I would suggest you to open a support ticket for this plus sharing a file used to reproduce the issue so that we can test it further.


This is how I reproduced it in a fresh installation on a vm with the SQLite database:

  • Started installed HMM
  • Imported an album with no cover image
  • Started playing one of the album songs
  • Changed picture while the song was played with some image from computer.


  • The new cover is not visible directly after changing
  • Stop the song
  • Reopen HMM
  • The cover is not visible:


  • Let's start one of the album songs and open right sidebar:




Is only visible in the side bar.

Let's close HMM and clean the cache folder. For me "C:\ProgramData\Imploded Software\Helium 14\cache".

Open HMM.

Now it is visible:





Thanks for the update, we will try to re-reproduce it.

The problem is probably described in folollowing support ticket:

#1861 Cache folder will not be prepared during creation of new database + subsequent problems

 Resolved with 14.0.16127.0.

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