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Crashes when renaming tracks and trying to change to another rename template

There is an issue with the version 14.0.16136.0.

Ifyou select some tracks and select Rename Files the dialog box appears as normal.

However if you then decide to choose a different rename template, the moment the template is selected the application freezes for a few seconds and then dumps you directly to the ddesktop with no errors.

Crash dump file has been attached

(32 KB)


We have tried to reproduce this issue, but during our tests it worked as it should.

Some additional questions:

1) Does this happen for any template you select or for all?

2) Do you have Files or Folders preview open?

3) When the crash occurs, will Helium just terminate or will it show an error dialog which allows you to report the crash? If so, can you please fill in the form?

In answer to question 3. Helium just terminates with no error dialog and no error messages I discovered the issue. When setting up the templates within Helium Rename dialog box, I had used a forward slash instead of a back slash to separate folder structures. Helium allowed me to rename albums and tracks using the template, and allowed me to select another template later. However trying to go back to edit the faulty template, or select another properly template, helium simply terminated. I found the json file holding the templates and corrected they faulty template manually and the issue resolved. It appears that once a badly formed template has been saved helium will crash when trying to swap templates.

Thanks for the update Colin.

We will try to reproduce this issue based on this new information.

Could it be that one of your templates contain a forward slash (/) ?

We had a similar problem reported.

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