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When creating a new database, browse does not open in the databases folder and cannot browse to hidden folders (i.e. appdata)

When creating a new database in Library Management, browse opens in last used path rather than the path to the databases folder in user's appdata. Then it is not possible to browse to the Helium 14 appdata because appdata is hidden and the browse function does not show the hidden folders. You can paste the correct path in and get to it that way..

Using latest version of Helium 14.1

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If you need to use hidden/system folders, please try this:

1) Close Helium

2) From Windows Explorer, open the folder %APPDATA%\Imploded Software\Helium 14

3) Using a text editor, open helium.json

4) Locate the line containing "UseOldDialogs"

5) Change the value from false to true

6) Save and restart Helium

Now you should hopefully have access to AppData and system folder, if you have selected to show them in Windows

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