Helium 14 update available

A maintenance release of Helium 14 is now available.

The release contains:

  • Updated database drivers
  • Updated components
  • Bug fixes

Download the new version from  https://www.imploded.com/ 

At the moment we are working on support for running MySql/MariaDB databases on a NAS/Unix system.

If you are interested in testing our upcoming build supporting this, before it is released, please contact us:


Any changelog ?

Ha en flott dag videre :)

The bug fixes for this version were minor and therefore we decided to not write a line for every commit in our version handling system.

They can be summarized as extra pre-validations for multiple operations (to avoid exceptions), refresh related improvements and bug fixes plus some fixes for tags.

The major improvements for this release was to get the update components to work properly.

Hope this helps.

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