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Show MediaMonkeys ratings in Helium

Hi there, 

I used MediaMonkey for years and I have a big music collection (> 40.000 Files) mostly in FLAC format. Now I changed to Helium. I rated almost all my Files, but I do not see these ratings in Helium. Is there a way to show those ratings from MediaMonkey in Helium?

I would prefer a solution without changing the tags in the files because of the following reason: I backup those files in 3 different cloud spaces. Changing the files, I have to sync more than 4 TB to the cloud, that would take ages...

Best Answer

Support for off-range ratings has been improved in Helium 14.2.

They should generally be shown automatically, at least for MP3 files.

I would recommend you to open a support ticket at and attach/share one file which does not show ratings properly so that we can can analyse it further.

Be sure to include information about which Helium version you are using and the expected rating value.


I checked: they show up for mp3 files (but not correctly the value I used in MediaMonkey for the rating). But about 80% of my collection consists of FLAC files, and those ratings do not show up at all.

Please share one or two sample files as mentioned earlier to that we can take a look at this.

Helium is using the standard tag-frames for rating, but sometimes other applications writes data a little different than the recommended standards (it often relates to FLAC tags which is very open).


Support for off-range ratings has been improved in Helium 14.2.

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