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Save Album pictures to tags


i tried to save all picutes i have to the file as tag, but this seems to break Helium if a certain amount of Albums is selected. What I did:

- Enabled Multiselect

- Go to library

- select Artists with "A" (Album Cover view)

- Select all Albums (CTRL + A)

- Tools -> Pictures -> Save pictures to Tags

- no overwrite

CPU usage of Helum goes up to 10% for some time, then the pending job on the bottom right rises to the amount of files to be changed.

If there are only ~20 Albums, this works, but i have selected more than 300 Albums it fails silently and I can't select anything + the CPU and disk usage goes to 0%

Happens with internal DB and also with MariaDB on SSD (database and files). I gues the query runs in some kind of timeout.

Most recent version according to the updater.

Is there maybe a script to do this?

Ok sorry.. it's doing the job now. It just took over 60 Minutes for 360 selectes Albums to build up the queue.

Thanks for the update. We will see if this can be improved in terms of speed somehow.

This will be improved for our next release plus that a proper progress dialog has been added.

If you are interested in testing it before it is officially available, please contact our support.

Much better than before. Thank you!

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