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Tags are being removed

I recently upgraded to 14. I'm playing some tunes, and then I rate some of the music. After the rating is applied, the ARTIST/ALBUM/ETC information disappears from the screen.

So I test a specific track. I check the tags. All looks good. I have ID3 v2.40 and v1.1 information. Cool.

Then I change the rating and check the tags. Gone. The tags are blank,

What happened? I'm sure that some option was changed on me. But which one(s)?

This is not what one would call an acceptable upgrade. I'm happy to say, in all the upgrades I've every done, this is the first time though!

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I tried to reproduce this with Helium 14.3 build 16274 the following way:

1) Created a new database

2) Added two MP3 albums, all tags with ID3 v2.4 and ID3 v1.1

3) Played a track which had four stars set as rating

4) Rated the file from the player with five stars

5) Played another song

6) Played the first song again. Rating five was shown as well as album artist etc.

7) Restarted Helium

8) Inspected the rated file with Properties. All tags including the new rating was there.

The test was repeated with three different files.

Did you did anything different in your test?

From which version of Helium was you migrating?

Can it be possible that the file was previously missing tags?

Any additional information is welcome for further testing, if you can reproduce this with a specific file, please share the file with us so that we can test it in detail.

I upgraded from 12. The files did not have a rating to begin with, but did have the other tags. I noticed that once the file has been rated and I change the rating, all tags remain. I can indeed share a file with you, though I personally don't think it is a problem with the file. what is the best way to share the file?

I'm considering removing my DB and recreating it from the MP3 files. Though I have a lot of file and it'll take a while!

Ok... If I use the tag editor (CTRL+E), those files it is having a problem with will appear blank. When I use properties and look at the detail tag and file information, I do see all the correct tag value (and I assume it's with the correct tag names).

I'll have to try a more systematic approach to understand what is going on as I'm just listening to tunes while working and then rating them.

According to what you describe it somehow seems to be database specific. 

If you inspect a files tags using Properties.. it will always load data from tags and not the database, the Tag editor will also load data from tags, but in some cases combine it with database data.

If you can reproduce my described case, or if you isolate to your specific database, I would recommend you to open a support ticket from here:

there is a bug that deletes tags!!!

@Ronald Raines:

Can you please give us some more information here?

Which version of Helium do you use?

Which file and tag format does it happen with?

Reproducable in some way?

It’s the latest version of the premium version. I am trying to find a pattern and I will get back to you.
I Rate the song while it is playing, I click on the heart and give it a five star rating. When I open the program the next day or maybe two days later the artist and song title are missing. Unrated songs do not have tags removed. I will continue to try and figure out more. I have put the artist and title back on some songs to see if it stays.

I'll did some quick tests as described (didn't waited whole days though, did a couple of restarts instead) and that did not removed any tags.

I tested with MP3 and FLAC files.

Since you are using the Premium version, I would recommend you to open a support ticket for this to get quicker support.

You can open a support ticket from here:

It seems that if you put a music file in the library and there are no tags you can still see song titles because the program seems to default to file names for the song title until the song is rated, then after rating, the program reverts to the tags for the song title and therefore you think the titles have been erased when they were never there to start with.

We have fixed so that no fields will be set in the library during and add unless they are set on tags for the next release to avoid this confusion.

Thanks for reporting this!

Ok, when will the update be available??
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