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Tags are being removed

I recently upgraded to 14. I'm playing some tunes, and then I rate some of the music. After the rating is applied, the ARTIST/ALBUM/ETC information disappears from the screen.

So I test a specific track. I check the tags. All looks good. I have ID3 v2.40 and v1.1 information. Cool.

Then I change the rating and check the tags. Gone. The tags are blank,

What happened? I'm sure that some option was changed on me. But which one(s)?

This is not what one would call an acceptable upgrade. I'm happy to say, in all the upgrades I've every done, this is the first time though!

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At the moment we have no specific release date set, although it's hopefully not many weeks away.

If you would like to try the new version before it is released, please open a support ticket for this.

This fix is included in Helium 14.5 now available

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