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new keyboard shortcuts (play, pause, forward, etc)


I would like to suggest adding the following keyboard shortcuts:

SPACE: play / pause (if there is an active track)
LEFT: rewind 5 seconds
SHIFT + LEFT: rewind 30 seconds
CTRL + LEFT: previous track
RIGHT: forward 5 seconds
SHIFT + RIGHT: forward 30 seconds
CTRL + RIGHT: next track
ESCAPE: close dialog (for those remaining dialogs that do not implement this)
ESCAPE: reset keyboard focus (when keyboard focus is on an input control)

They should work globally (with a few exceptions). Most are shortcuts that I think any media app should support, because many users try them intuitively.

I created a plugin to achieve this but experienced some limitations. I created a github repo in case you are interested. It's private for the moment, but if you have a github account, I can give you access.

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Thanks for the suggestions.

I generally agree, specifically on the SPACE and ESCAPE in dialogs. We'll see what can be done here.

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