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Help needed for structuring my collection

All, I would need some initial guidance in layout my helium structure...

I have the need to distinct two different sets of music (i) tango and ii) non-tango), which are separated on the filesystem level already (two different folders) - by separate I mean e.g. if I automatically let add files to a playlist, Helium should stay within tango/non-tango structure, similar by searches etc.

How to initially scan those folders with Helium? Into one Helium DB/library or /where would I start to setup two DB's ? Any other approach?

Pease bear in mind I am new to Helium...:-)

Thanks a lot for any hint in advance, Martin

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Hi Martin and congratulations on finding Helium :-)

I think that Heliums ability to switch database easily could be your go-to solution. This feature is only available in Helium Premium.

You could use the "default" database that Helium comes with for your non-tango music. Just add everything under that folder to your database.

Then start the Library management tool from the File > Library Management menu. Click New and create a database for your tango music. Helium will switch to this database and restart. Now add your tango-folder to that database. Now you can switch database from the Library management window to see your different collections entirely separate from each other.

Hope this helps.

HI Frederik,

thx for your answer, indeed it helped a lot - and this is a good way to start...

Just out of curiosity - I was initially thinking to use volumes, but did not get what would be implpications then (not sure I understand volumes either).

 Thx, M.

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