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Syncing cover art

I've been using Helium to rip CDs lately, however the cover art does not show up when I sync with my Sony Walkman (NW-A45). I've been searching for how to make this work better and generally Sony"s responses have been of limited help, but I saw a mention on a Sony forum that might help with programs like Helium trying to provide this syncing functionality. I know several people have had cover art issues with various devices. The support person mentioned that the cover art being transfered to the Walkman needed to have a thumbnail formatted in Exif format. Exif appears to be am image tagging system. So other posts seemed to indicate that the cover art needed to be "baseline" not "progressive", but perhaps that isn't the whole issue.

It would be really helpful if Helium could do this tagging automatically when adding cover art. Right now I rip the CD in Helium, but then need to use Sony's crappy Media Center for PC program the get the cover art to be recognized despite the fact that Helium has cover art associated with the files.

If you could provide us with a file that has been processed with the Sony software we might be able to figure out how their format differs from what Helium stores. If you're unlucky, the only way to get pictures on your device is to use the provided software.

I'd be glad to help. Had to find something short. Here's a FLAC file I recently added.

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