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Long time iTunes user considering moving

Hi all,

Unlike many, I've never had many issues with iTunes, it syncs with my iPhone well and does the basic things I need from it, I have a 70gb music library.

I'm looking at alternatives just to see what they offer and I found Helium that sounds great. However, I need the software to be able to import/pull my play counts/playlists etc.

Is this possible?


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Yes, it is possible but you will have to create your own script to do that.

Helium Is way better than iTunes. I have 1.2TB of music (160,000 tracks) and its working seamlessly!

I am building my own tool to transfer everything from iTunes to Helium, I've been working on it for a few weeks by now.

The approach I'm taking is hosting a MariaDB database and parse the XML file from the iTunes export and update fields in the database Helium creates. It is even possible to transfer the folder structure that you created in iTunes but it is really challenging.

I don't know how many playlists you have, but if you have some you can export one by one and import them into helium

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