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I'm new to Helium with the goal of streaming my personal digital music to multiple devices.

I have:

  • a Netgear ReadyNAS with approximately 125K digital songs
  • Windows 10 devices
  • Android devices
  • iOS devices

Planning to purchase:

  • Helium Music Manager Premium license (for alternate database support)
  • Helium Streamer Premium license (for alternate database support and separate user accounts)

A couple of newbie questions:

1. Which of the free databases that Helium supports will I want to use for this size music collection?

2. Should the database reside on the Windows 10 PC with the Helium Music Manager installation or remotely on the NAS? Will the location have any effect on the devices remotely streaming over the internet?

Is there anything else I need to plan for before I get caught unaware? :) I appreciate any advice from those of you that have already been through this and am looking forward to getting started once 14.7 gets out of beta!

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Hi Brian!

Welcome to the Helium community.

1. The default SQLite database should work well even with this music collection size.

2. The default location should work fine (on your Windows 10 PC)

>>  Is there anything else I need to plan for before I get caught unaware? 

Nothing more than the fact that your Windows 10 PC must be turned on and open for connections (if you're outside of your house you must configure your firewall to allow this - Helium support configuring the Windows Firewall and many routers automatically, though) to be able to stream music to other devices.

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