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Where is the track number column?

I'm a newbie so I'm sure I'm missing something because I can't find the most basic tag info for any music's track number?? 

i'd like to have a column displaying the track number.


There should be columns available for Current track and total tracks.

Which view does this relate to ?

Doesn't matter, I've given up and moved on to another player. I couldn't even find an Album view?! 
Maybe it's all there but it's just not intuitive enough for me.

Don't want have to be posting here all the time to get answer.
Thanks anyway!

PS No track number in every relevant view (Music Explorer, Releases...Tracks!?)

Ok, I finally found it but there is something really odd about the software??

When I right-click, I get an option called "Select Columns...." and there, there is no track setting of any kind!

Then, just now I happen to browse the upper Menu and click VIEW and the exact same "Select Columns..." gives me the track number option??

You can't tell me that's by design...or why??

And I guess the Album view is called 'Releases'? What a terrible name for it. Why not use the same everyone is used to using...Album?

Oh well, time will tell if I stick around or not...

Glad to hear that you found the column and the view.

The same dialog is used for Selected columns no matter where invoked from so this sounds like some potential issue.

We will test it further to see if we can reproduce it and if so correct it.

Upon a first test with Helium 14.7 hotfix, it seems to work as it should.

If you have any additional questions or need assistans you can always contact us via the support form,

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