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Message about less disk space wont disappear

 "Please note that you have less than 40 MB on your system drive"

This message i get in a popup window whenever i try to start Helium - 14.6 including 14.7.16429  However: I have plenty of free space available (257 MB) on system drive!

I can press ok and the message without any issue but as this message pops up in the background it is sometimes hard to find the related window (no: alt tab doesnt work with it) and starting Helium in a sudden is no chance at all.

Any idea how i can get rid of this message would be much appreciated

Thanks in advance


Hi Matthias,

Thanks for reporting this.

The drive that's checked for available space is extracted from the path containing Helium's temp-folder, generally C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\Temp\Helium 14.

We will make this warning converted to a "Do not show again" warning in our next release. 

Great - and thanks a lot for the fast response.

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