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Decimal Point integer (BPM and Tempo field)

Requesting a decimal point integer in the BPM and Tempo Field for exact BPM of songs if possible...For example 92.20 BPM and not rounding it down to 92 BPM or 92.80 BPM and not rounding it up to 93 BPM. Also, thank you very much for the fix for ALAC  files  from Mixed in Key...initial Key field import. Works perfectly now. Really appreciate that fix.

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The ID3v2 tag standard (used for MP3 and AIFF) stores BPM in a frame named TBPM which is defined like this:

The 'BPM' frame contains the number of beats per minute in the mainpart of the audio. The BPM is an integer and represented as a numerical string. 

So, it's not possible to support this in a standard way. 

One possible way around it (can make tagged files incompatible with other software though) it to used the 16 first bits in the integer for the whole number and the last 16 bits for the remainder part or possibly use scaling like this:

Actual BPM = 143.20

Stored BPM = 14320.

We will analyse if this can be implemented as an optional setting and how software like Rekordbox will handle it.

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