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Backup path of pictures different then download path

Hi all,

since many years, I am a passionate user of your Helium Music Manager to administrate and play my music files.

As I changed recently my computer, I think I found a bug in the program.
Regularly, I did backups (complete backup) with the function that is provided in the program.
Before the change of my computer I did the same

After setup of the new computer, I installed HMM (Version 14) on the new computer.
After starting the program, I did a restoration of the last backup.

After this restoration, I realized that all album pictures were not available any more.
Although in a full backup, they should be included.

After a few research about the reason, I found the following facts:

è If album pictures are downloaded from the internet with the integrated functionality, they will be saved under the following path:


è If a backup will be performed, album pictures will be included in a full backup.
BUT:  The backup function only stores pictures from the following path:

So if someone downloads album pictures with the integrated function, they will never be saved with a backup.
The same probably will happen with ArtistPictures and LabelPictures, because they are also available in both paths.

As long as one not change the computer, this might not be a problem.
But if so, it only stays to copy the pictures manually from one computer to another. This also only works, if the person knows about this topic.
And also the connection between the albums and the album pictures need to be done manually.  I not need to tell, how much time this need…
And if someone don’t know about this topic, he also need to download all pictures again.


I hope you can solve this issue with one of the upcoming updates.

Thanks in advance for your improvements.


Kind Regards,

Daniel Schmid

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Thanks for this detailed report.

We will look into the backup to see what can be improved when moving betweeb computers.

In the meantime I think you can use one of the included scripts to solve this on your new computer.

1. First move the album pictures where you want them to be.

2. Start Helium and click on the Tools > Run script menu.

3. In the Run Script dialog, under the Housekeeping folder, select the Update album pictures from files script and click OK.

4. Select the folder where your album pictures are and click Open Folder.

This might take a while if your music library is large but when completed all your album pictures should be back.

Let us know if you have any additional questions or comments!

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