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Duplicates and deleteing them.

I just downloaded the application and am going through the instructions.  I MAY have downloaded the wrong software.  

I have nearly 200K songs.  MANY are duplicates.  True duplicate in artest/album/album folders.  others are duplicate mp3 and other format.   Since the program only catalogs files where they are and does not move them; what happens in the paid version with duplicate files. 

Does the program simply remove them from the catalog or actually remove them from the drive?

Also how are duplicates found..  Many artists have the same song on many albums...

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When duplicates are identified with the tool you will have the possibility to remove them either from the library only and also from the disk.

Duplicates are found using some complex algorithms involving tag matching, length and audio properties.

On top of that, matches are weighted with controllable threshold values to allow less or more granularity on the results.

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