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how to find the tracks with a double (or triple) space into the album artists name ?


i noticed i have some tracks with the tag Album Artist filled with "Various  Artists" instead of "Various Artists" (only 1space between Various and Artists word).

how can i seach the double space ones in this tracks ?

Also, is there a way to find the track with a leading space or another space caracter in the end ?

Have a good day (in music).

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You can find tracks where album artist is "Various  Artists" by using the advanced search. Create a query that looks like this:

"Album Artist" "Is" "Various  Artists"

That should give the results you want.

You may be able to use the same procedure to find tracks with a leading space, like this:

"Title" "Starts with" " "

But when I tried this I noticed that it was hard to get a leading space into the database at all but you might experience something else.

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