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Error occurred during operation

Sorry, an error occured during the operation.

If this error is reproducible, please contact us for further assistance.

*** MESSAGE ***

Could not execute SQL query: UPDATE tblArtists SET IsNew = NULL

This error occurred when I was updating an albums "Release Type"

It has only happened twice so far. ( I had added 30 CD's to my collection)


Retrying the operation succeeded. 

SO I am posting here more as an  FYI than a ticket.

Hard to say anything about this, since it's not always reproducable and most likely database specific, but a possible cause of errors like this are timeouts in the database connection.

If you can find a reproduction pattern (also test with a fresh database), please open a support ticket.

I did finally discover what was causing this error.

When I was updating the "Release Type" of an entire album.

I would see in the status message in the lower right edge saying "Updating Pending Jobs"

In a moment it will count down how many "Jobs" are left to do.

If I initiate another tagging operation before those jobs are done, I will get one of three :

1. The Helium Application will crash.

2. I will get a database read error

3. Get the error shown above

Now that I know that I should wait for all the jobs to be completed before initiating another tagging operation  I have not had any issues since.

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