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Attached pictures - icon display


Thank you so much for your continued development of Helium, it's always a joy to use!

This post relates to adding artwork using the advanced tag editor, (Extended (3) pane).

In the attached pictures section, clicking the Add allows me to browse a folder to locate artwork.  Once I have clicked Add, I then click Browse. In the top right hand corner of the resulting Open File window I can select viewing preferences e.g. 'large icons', 'Small icons', 'List' etc.

Question 1. Is it possible to make this viewing preference sticky?  It always seems to default to 'Small Icons'.  If I change this to, say, 'Large Icons', is it possible it remembers this so that the next time I do this it automatically uses the 'Large icons' view?

Question 2. If I use one of the icon views e.g., 'Large Icons' I'm not sure it works as I'd expect it to.  For example, if I use a 'Large icons' view in Windows File Explorer, it will display an icon of the actual image.  When I use the 'Large Icons' view in Helium it does not display the actual image, instead it shows the Windows Photos App icon.


My preference would be that it displays the an icon of the actual file image (like it does in Windows File Explorer rather than a generic Windows Photos icon). Displaying the Windows Photos app icon for all picture files seems pointless. 

Please do let me know if you need further info.    


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We will release an option in Helium 14.9 to use system dialogs. A bit uglier but offers thumbnail previews.

Thanks for your report Richard.

We will analyse if this is possible to implement.

There may be a way round this we can test, if you are interested in testing it, please open a support ticket.

Thanks for the quick response Mikael, I'll open a support ticket as requested.  

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