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Smart Playlists Continuous Play from End to End

I believe this is an easy question ... but I am stuck.

I like to smart playlist feature. It saves me a lot of time.

However, I cannot figure out how to play the playlist from beginning to end. On the screen that lists the playlists, I hit the 3 dots, and play. It plays the first song and stops. I have to hit fast forward to go to he next.



Is this the Helium Streamer on your phone or on the web? If it's the phone version, what device do you have?

Fredrik- on the iPhone.

Fredrik - Note that if I play a playlist of say 10 songs, the streamer stops after the 1st song. I hit fast forward and it plays the remaining 9 without issue. I tried this on two different playlists. 


We are currently in a big rewrite of Helium Streamer for iOS and Android and we will make sure that this works properly before release.

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