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Repeat playback on song or playlist

 I'd like a button in the player that allows me to repeat/loop either the current song or current album/playlist. Right now there is no easy way to play the same song on a loop.

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This was implemented in Helium 15 beta 2, available from the context-menu in the player.

Thanks, for implementing this.


What does this setting repeat?

1. The song?

2. The whole play queue?

If 1.: How can I repeat the whole play queue?

If 2.: How can I repeat the current song?

And it would be nice to have a visible queue what setting is set, without utilising the contect menu.



It repeats the current song.

We have no support for repeating the queue yet, it might be implemented after Helium 15 is released as well as a visual indicator. 

We changed our minds a bit here and implemented the possibility to repeat the play queue, with a visual indicator:

It will of course still be possible to repeat a track from the player's context menu.

That's very good. Thank you.

Will it be in the next beta?



Yes, we will include it in the next beta. Hopefully to be released in the end of this week.

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