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Arbitrary Sorting and Saving on playlists

I would like the ability to have a playlist that can be sorted arbitrarily/manually (say, by the order I added files to it), and have that ordering be saved as the default ordering for the playlist, and one I can click back to after sorting for something else (e.g. artist).

This includes both the ordering of files as-added, and would support re-arranging the play order after adding the files.

That's the default for playlists, isn't it?

1) I add a few tracks to a playlist -> they are sorted like I've added them

2) I click on Title -> they are sorted by title A to Z

3) I click on Title again -> they are sorted by title Z to A

4) I click on Title once more -> they are sorted like I've added them

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Not for me, so maybe this is a bug not a feature request. In fact, looking at it, this seems to apply to only some of the songs in my library, which seem resistant to any sort of sorting. Interesting.

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