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Cannot rearrange tracks

Helium version 14.9.16658.0 Premium

A significant portion of my library refuses to accept any sort of manual sorting, either in playlist mode or in album mode. There is no obvious tagging on the files that seems to indicate that they are expecting to be sorted in a specific order, but when I put them in a playlist and rearrange them, changing the sort order then changing it back causes the files to lose the custom sorting.

Example in attached file. I added the files in the order:

Macheis Wind

Adrian von Zeigler


However, while Machies Wind respects the ordering I added them in, the rest of the files do not.

(53.4 KB)

Update - as I'm using this more, it looks like this behavior is only in the Explorer->Playlist view. The standard playlist view works as expected.

Dear Krista,

I would recommend that you open a support ticket from:

In the ticket, be sure to include a reproduction guide as a numbered step-by-step list, a description of the actual result and a description of the expected result.

This will help us to better test and understand your case.

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