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iOS Remote Setup

I've been spending some time trying to get Helium Remote to work with Helium 14 (Premium). Here's what I did.

1) Forced the IP address on my windows 10 machine (including setting my WiFi Router).

2) opened Helium>Tools>Options>Web Service

3) Verified IP is set to fixed IP. Checked the port (Honestly, I may have set the port in previous efforts).

4) Clicked the link to open the firewall.

5) Opened Windows Security>Firewall and Network Protection>Allow an app through firewall

6) Change Settings then Allow another app

7) Browse to the program folder and select the Helium exe

8) click ok

9) made sure Helium was open on computer

10) opened app on my phone,  put in IP and port (the app opens right there), click OK

11) For me, it stayed on that page. I let it sit there for a long time as I think I have a lot of music in the app. Eventually, I closed the app and reopened. PRESTO

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Does it work after these initial issues?

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