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Mass Clearing Fields

There are a number of fields that I want to make sure are empty in every music file  in my collection.  Specifically The "rating" and "Record Label" fields.

Is there an easy way to accomplish this?

I am not familiar with how to write a macro.

So if that is the solution could you include step to properly make such a macro.

Thank you in advance.

Thank you Mikael.

Unfortunately it seems that both the "Rating" field and the "Record Label" are not available fields for actions. 

"Record label" should be available, but it's named "Publisher" (if we are speaking about the same field).

Rating is as you say not available now, it might be added later.

So, scripts is possibly a better thing for now.

It will be possible to clear rating in Helium 15 which is about to be released as a first beta soon.

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Thank you Mikael !!! You guys always make me glad I switched to your music manager!


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