Helium 15 beta 5 now available

There is no way to  adjust the column width via the right mous click anymore?

Since the automatic adjustment of the column width never did work for me (there are tickets and forum entries for this, a few years ago), I need the context menu entry, so that I can at least adjust the columns at  the start and then the column widths are OK for that session.

But now I have to double-click every single column border to adjust this column, which is just annoying.

Please bring back the contect menu entry.



Hello Maik,

This function is moved to the cog-icon which allows you to do various track-list related functions:

Does your question relate to a specific view ?

I cannot find it in Release View (Split View).

Thanks Maik. We'll fix this either by adding a cog-icon or as before from a context menu entry.

Cog icon is fine for me as well. As long there is still a possibility to do it.



This is now corrected. Please open a support ticket if you would like to get access to a version with this changes.

 Do you want any feedback/bugreports on this beta 5 or is it just so beta that is not worth it?

Feedback is very welcome, thanks.

If you have specific issues related to database/audio files, the best is if you open a support ticket if we need you to share files with us + sending you updated test builds.

supports beta 5 no longer gives flac 96khs sample tags.



For all my files with 96 kHz there is no problem. Seems to be a file issue.


thanks I can send you a flac for checking. helium 14.xxx see everything.

For file and database related issues, please open a support ticket and include a like to the problematic file, plus a description of the specific problem.


>>supports beta 5 no longer gives flac 96khs sample tags.
This is resolved for the next beta release.
If anyone is interested in testing it before it's released, please open a support ticket.
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