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Invoking artist editor.

This is not a big deal but  it was not corrected with the new version so I thought I would mention it here.

When "alt" clicking the artist using the split-pane view (as shown in attachment 1)  selecting edit artist does not invoke the edit artist  dialog.

Alt clicking edit artist as show in picture 2 works normally.

Like I said  not a big deal.

And  I should also mention that the new version is a VAST improvement when adding albums.  and  when  changing the "release type" only takes a second or two  as opposed to the old version which could take up to 30 seconds or more.

Well done gang! 

(62.5 KB)
(102 KB)

I could not reproduce issue when I tested.

I would suggest you top open a support ticket for this to get access to our most recent test build which might help.

When creating the ticket, please include more detailed information what you mean with "alt" clicking.

There are no specific logic implemented when holding down the alt-key when selecting an item from the context menu, if that was what you refered to.

This has been verified fixed in the next build, thanks for the testing help Patrick.

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